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Malic Acid

We are a distinguished Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler and Distributor of Malic Acid. The Acid offered by us is formulated in compliance with set industrial norms. Special care is taken about the packaging of the Acid before the final dispatch. Bulk orders of the chemical are processed by us as per the specific requirements of the buyers.


Beverages :

  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Non-carbonated Beverages like Fruit drinks
  • Powdered Mixes like Iced tea and dry soup mixes
  • Sports drinks and enriched drinks, rich in calcium salts - to give clear solutions, without cloudiness
  • Soft Drink Concentrates
  • Wines - to increase its flavour profile by malolactic fermentation
  • Sugar cane juice - as a stabilizer
  • Canned fruits and Vegetables - as anti-browning agent synergistic with Ascorbic acid
  • Confectioneries, preserves and bakery products and others :
    • Hard Candy, Pressed Candy – for increased shelf life since with low moisture level
    • Soft Candies like agar, gelatin Pastilles or pectin-based candies such as jellies and gummies – for proper gelling and good product clarity
    • Chewing gum
    • Fruit fillings - in bakery products like Cookies, Snack bars, Pies, and Cakes
    • Savoury snacks to impart taste and flavour
    • Dairy foods
    • Frozen desserts, sherbets, water ices and gelled desserts
    • Edible oils and fats - in the control of oxidative rancidity, as a chelating agent, in de- gumming, as a bleaching and anti-emulsifying agent

Technical Applications :

  • Metal Cleaning and Electroplating
  • For sanitation and scale removal in breweries, dairies and food plants
  • Water treatment - for removal of hardness, Chelating agent in swimming pool
  • Textile dying - improves the color value, produces sharper prints
  • Paint - to prevent formation of skin on top layer during storage
  • Acrylic fibre - for stabilising the polymer