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Zinc Acetate

Zinc Acetate (CH3Coo)2Zn (CAS -557-34-6) is used as a dietary supplement and in lozenges used to treat the common cold. Zinc acetate can also be used to treat zinc deficiencies. As an oral daily supplement, Zinc Acetate is used to inhibit the body's absorption of copper as part of the treatment for Wilson's disease. Zinc Acetate is also sold as an astringent in the form of an ointment, a topical lotion; or combined with an antibiotic such as erythromycin for the topical treatment of acne. Furthermore, Zinc acetate is commonly sold as a topical anti-itch ointment.

In chewing gum, Zinc Acetate is a breath freshener and plaque inhibitor.

Zinc Acetate is used as a catalyst in the production of polyesters, polyamides, polyether and vinyl acetate, in the in manufacture of acrylic emulsions, phenolic foam for thermal insulation, and alkyds. Zinc Acetate can also be used as a PVC blowing agent, a wood preservative, in textile dyeing, as well as in the waterproofing of textiles, paper and leather.


Assay Min. 99.5% as (CH3COO)2ZN.2H2O
Solubility Freely Soluble in Water
Appearance of Solution Dissolve 50 Gm in Water to Produce 500 Ml
The Solution is Clear and Colourless
Water Insoluble Matter Max 0.005%
Pchloride Max. 0.001%
Potassium Max. 0.01%
Sulphate Max 0.005%
Copper Max. 0.001%
Calcium Max. 0.01%
Iron Max. 0.0005%
Lead Max. 0.001%
Sodium Max. 0.005%
Nitrogen (N) Max. 0.002%