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Calcium Sulfate

Our company is a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler and Distributor of Calcium Sulfate. The Calcium Sulfate offered by us is a common laboratory and industrial chemical. We formulated different grades of Calcium Sulfate like LR/Extra Pure Grade. We4 have all the in-house facilities to deliver bulk orders of the chemical within the allocated time.


Properties :

  • CAS Number : 10101-41-4
  • Molecular Formula : CaSO4.2H2O
  • Molecular Weight : 172
  • Appearance : Fine White Powder, Odourless



  • Commercial Baking Industry : Since most grains contain less than 0.05% calcium, the fillers are economical sources of supplemental calcium in enriched flour, cereals, baking powder, yeast, bread conditioners and cake icing, the gypsum products can also be found in canned vegetables and artificially sweetened jellies and preserves.
  • Brewing Industry : In brewing Industry, calcium sulphate promotes a smoother tasting beer with improved stability and a longer shelf life.
  • Soybeaning Industry : Calcium sulfate has been used in China for over 2,000 years to coagulate soya milk to make tofu .Calcium sulfate is essential for certain kinds of tofu. Tofu made from calcium sulphate will be softer and smoother with a mild, bland flavour profile.
  • Pharmaceutical : For pharmacyeutical applications, calcium sulfate is extensively used as a diluent because it good flowability while also serving as dietary calcium supplement.


Packing : Calcium Sulphate is available in 50 Kg HDPE Bags with inner liner.


Description White powder
Solubility in cold water 0.19g in 100ml
F 50 ppm max
As 2 ppm max
Pb 2 ppm max
Se 30 ppm max
Assay % 98 min
Loss on drying % 19-23%
Residue on 200 mesh sieve % 0.3 max