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Copper Sulphate

We are counted among the trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers and Distributors of Copper Sulphate. Its most common grades are: Large crystals ( 10-40 mm), Small crystals(2-10 mm), Granulated/ snow crystals(<2 mm), Windswept powder (<0.15 mm). Delivered only after stringent quality testing, our Copper Sulphate is assured to be completely pure and of top notch quality.


  • Copper Sulphate is the most widely used of the copper salts, with current world consumption at 2 lakh MTA-75% in agriculture as a fungicide.
  • It's major industrial uses are: manufacturing other copper salts; mordant for dyeing & electroplating; synthetic fiber industry; electrolyte in copper refining; copper coating steel wire; activator in the mining industry in the concentration by froth flotation of lead, zinc, cobalt & gold ores; printing industry & etching agent for process engraving; manufacture of anti-fouling paints & in the coloring of glass


Molecular Formula CuS04.5H20
CAS No. 7758-98-7
Formula CuSo4
Appearance Light blue powder or crystal.
Copper % By Mass Max. 24
Matter Insoluble in Water, % by Mass Max. 0.01
PH. Value, Not Less than 3.81
Soluble Iron & Alluminium compound ( as Fe ) % by mass. Max. 0.14 %
Chlorides (as Cl) % by Mass Nil.
Arsenic (as As2O3) mg/kg Nil.
Lead As Zinc Passes the Test
Assay 99.00%
Packing 50 Kg. Bags