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Sodium Acetate

We are a well known Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler and Distributor of Sodium Acetate. The Sodium Acetate we make available is known for it accurate composition and long shelf life. We have all the in-house facilities to deliver bulk orders of the chemical within the allocated time.


  • Sodium Acetate Anhydrous is used in the textile industry to neutralize sulfuric acid waste streams, and as a photoresist while using aniline dyes.
  • It is also a pickling agent in chrome tanning, and it helps to retard vulcanization of chloroprene in synthetic rubber production.
  • Sodium Acetate Anhydrous may be added to foods as food additives.
  • As the conjugate base of a weak acid, a solution of sodium acetate and acetic acid can act as a buffer solution to keep a relatively constant pH. This is useful especially in biochemical applications where reactions are pH dependent
  • Packing : Sodium Acetate is available in 25/50 Kg Paper or HDPE Bags with inner liner.


Properties of Sodium Acetate anhydrous

  • Molecular Formula : CH3COONa
  • CAS NO. : 127-09-3
  • Molecular Weight : 82.03
  • Appearance : Snow White deliquescent powder

Properties of tri hydrate

  • Molecular Formula : CH3COONa.3H2O
  • CAS NO. : 6131-90-4
  • Molecular Weight : 136
  • Appearance : White to off white Crystals


Technical Specifications

Assay 99% Sodium Acetate Trihydrate minimum 99 % minimum purity as CH3COONa
Test Solution A 10% Solution is clear & colorless A 10% Solution w/v is clear and colorless
pH 07/05/09 pH between 7.5-9
Arsenic Less than 1 ppm < 1ppm.
Calcium & Magnesium Less than 50 ppm To pass the test 50 ppm
Heavy Metals Less than 1 ppm < 1ppm
Iron Less than 5ppm < 5ppm
Chlorides Less than 0.03% < 100ppm
Sulphates Less than 0.02% < 20ppm
Packing As required ---