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Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Diacetate is a free flowing, convenient, readily available source of acetic acid and sodium acetate in granular form. Sodium Diacetate is a molecular compound of acetic acid and sodium acetate. The manufacturing process is based on the ability to place free acetic acid into the crystal lattice of neutral sodium acetate. The acid is firmly held as it is evident from the negligible odor of the Sodium Diacetate. Under normal atmospheric conditions it neither forms lumps nor releases acetic acid even during longer storage periods. On prolonged exposure to an atmosphere with low relative humidity, Sodium Diacetate tends to lose acetic acid and reverts to anhydrous sodium acetate. In solution, it is split off into its components acetic acid and sodium acetate.

Applications : Sodium Diacetate is used as an anti-microbial, flavoring and pH control agent in various food products. The main applications are in meat and bakery products and in snack foods. Sodium Diacetate is approved by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European food control authorities and is generally accepted worldwide as the de facto source of vinegar flavoring. Technical applications include usage in the photographic industry for controlling pH and the replacement of oxalic or citric acid for hardening, fixing and toning.

Bakery Products : Sodium Diacetate inhibits growth of certain types of mould and many deleterious micro-organisms in dough and bread, notably Bacillus Mesentericus. At the same time its mild acid properties develop a pastry aroma without introducing too acid or shallow a flavor character note.

Meat Products : Sodium Diacetate can delay growth of spoilage micro-organisms in Hot Dogs, lunch meats and poultry. Even small quantities of Sodium Diacetate can significantly prolong shelf life of meat products.

Snack Foods : Vinegar taste on potato chips or tacos can be achieved by adding 0.1% Sodium Diacetate. Spread on the hot surface of the snacks immediately after production, Sodium Diacetate melts and provides the products with the savory taste of vinegar.


Description Value
Acetic Acid, % (max) 38.0 - 41.0
Sodium Acetate, % 58.0 - 61.0
pH (10% aqueous solution ) 4.5 - 5.0
Moisture, % < 2
Readily Oxidizable Substances, % (as Formic Acid) < 0.2
Arsenic (as As) , mg/kg (max) 3
Heavy Metals (as Pb), , mg/kg (max) 1


CAS No. 126-96-5
Molecular Formula CHCOONa.CH3COOH
Molecular Weight 142
Description White Crystalline Powder
EU No. E 262